Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring a RIPE Meeting is a great way to increase the visibility of your organisation among the global Internet community. Your brand will be associated with a long-standing, professionally organised event that is well regarded by the engineers, top-level IT managers and government representatives who attend.

Virtual sponsor activity (€2000)

Visibility before, during and after the RIPE Meeting

  • Logo with link to sponsors page on the RIPE Meeting homepage
  • Logo with link to sponsor website and company blurb on sponsors page on the RIPE Meeting website
  • Logo on the post-meeting report sent to the attendees and published on the RIPE Meeting website
  • Option to include brochures, virtual giveaways etc. in the Virtual Event Bag available on the RIPE Meeting website

Distinction during the RIPE Meeting

  • Acknowledgement in the opening and closing plenaries by the RIPE Chair
  • Choose to sponsor the daily Kahoot quiz hosted by the RIPE NCC
  • Logo on the intermission slide/s used during sessions change and coffee/lunch breaks

Social Media (Facebook 6.7K, Twitter 15.7K, LinkedIn 7.8K, YouTube 2.7K)

  • Tags and mentions on RIPE NCC social media channels
  • Option to have an interview with the RIPE NCC and have it posted on social media before or during the RIPE Meeting
  • Placement of sponsor logos in relevant posts