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Nathalie Trenaman - 20-05-2021 16:04:01
Hi everyone, I'm Nathalie from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A. Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
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Shane Kerr - 20-05-2021 16:04:03
Good morning!

Farzaneh Badiei - 20-05-2021 16:04:27
we need different music for each coffee break. I have an earworm

Milad Afshari - 20-05-2021 16:05:39
@Farzaneh +1 :)

Andreas Härpfer - 20-05-2021 16:05:59
You will have to whistle this tonight at the dinner.

Markus Zeilinger - 20-05-2021 16:06:11
Most seen cupboard at RIPE82: IKEA Kallax!

Cynthia Revström - 20-05-2021 16:06:28
lol, how many IKEA Markus chairs have we seen?

Farzaneh Badiei - 20-05-2021 16:06:36

Cynthia Revström - 20-05-2021 16:06:45
I seem to see those chairs all the time

Ondřej Caletka - 20-05-2021 16:06:46
Maybe it is Expedit. You never know.

Harry Cross - 20-05-2021 16:06:54
I've started whistling that intermission music now

James Kennedy - 20-05-2021 16:07:27
glad I'm not the only one, Harry. it's a real foot tapper

Job Snijders - 20-05-2021 16:07:41
In 327 years the RIPE-NONAUTH database will be empty

Oliver Payne - 20-05-2021 16:07:54
the RIPE NCC will be releasing an album of 'Greatest Hits'. It's just that tune for 10 hours on repeat

Farzaneh Badiei - 20-05-2021 16:08:07
I am not at the whistling stage. It has just become my life theme song... (hopefully for a week)

Markus Zeilinger - 20-05-2021 16:08:26
@Cynthia, yes there have been some! I am sitting on one to at the moment! ;-)

James Kennedy - 20-05-2021 16:08:26
where can I buy, Oli?

Oliver Payne - 20-05-2021 16:08:37
I'll make sure you get a copy, James ;D

Harry Cross - 20-05-2021 16:08:44
There's a long joke here in England when you ring the tax office (which unfortunately I've done a lot of recently!), where they've got one piece of generic hold music and you often get 40+ minutes of it on loop

Ivan Beveridge - 20-05-2021 16:09:01
@job: if you can also get people to stop using RADB that would be very much appreciated :thumbsup:

Elvis Daniel Velea - 20-05-2021 16:09:09
James, probably it's going to be streamed live on

Oliver Payne - 20-05-2021 16:09:21
yes but unfortunately it's only available over IPv4

Elvis Daniel Velea - 20-05-2021 16:09:44
you mean IPv6 only, right?

Gert Doering - 20-05-2021 16:09:56
oliver: wat?

Oliver Payne - 20-05-2021 16:10:04
it's a legacy song, we tried but the music doesn't work over v6 ;)

Oliver Payne - 20-05-2021 16:10:13
/sarcasm, to be super clear

James Kennedy - 20-05-2021 16:10:17
on vinyl too so :)

Elvis Daniel Velea - 20-05-2021 16:10:44
that would drive adoption to 100% in weeks as more and more people would want to stream it non-stop :)

Job Snijders - 20-05-2021 16:13:30
yay for UTC! good move

Robert Kisteleki - 20-05-2021 16:13:34
how about: it will *not* play continuously when using v6?

Robert Kisteleki - 20-05-2021 16:13:45
there's your killer app, right there

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:15:17
@job: yup

Cynthia Revström - 20-05-2021 16:15:50
is it just adding the "Z" indicator? I thought it was already UTC

Chriztoffer Hansen - 20-05-2021 16:17:22
Adding the Z just make the time-zone info explicit, as far as I know.

Chriztoffer Hansen - 20-05-2021 16:17:33
s/know/see it/

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:18:39
ed actually said, in his preso, that there were AMS tz instances that had been cleaned up

James Kennedy - 20-05-2021 16:24:21
:clap: thanks Ed

Piotr Strzyżewski - 20-05-2021 16:24:24
Thanks Ed!

Christian Bretterhofer - 20-05-2021 16:27:01
those companys take XXX EUR/Month and we give that data for free to them?

Christian Bretterhofer - 20-05-2021 16:27:14
do we get it back?

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:27:27
our customers want their mtv

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:31:49
also note that the content producers can use the geofeed data directly.

Cynthia Revström - 20-05-2021 16:32:25
@Harry, I saw your questions, I would suggest looking at the db-wg mailing list, as this has been discussed

Job Snijders - 20-05-2021 16:32:39
@christian - publishing geofeeds data is a 'selfish' act, it is selfish in the sense that you only would publish that data if you see a benefit. For example if you have netflix viewers in your blocks, geofeeds might help. for many IP blocks there is no benefit to sharing where it is located

Alex Band - 20-05-2021 16:33:44

Job Snijders - 20-05-2021 16:33:44
in other words: if you dont want to give this data away for free, well, then dont! it is optional. if you dont like it dont use it

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:36:29
the american idiom is "red herring" it is the content providers and users who benefit.

Shane Kerr - 20-05-2021 16:39:53
This is why all servers should be UTC everywhere always. :-D

Alex Le Heux - 20-05-2021 16:40:20
@job: others would kill for an easy way to update geo data for their IP blocks that works in a timely fashion... ;)

Job Snijders - 20-05-2021 16:42:00
exactly, geofeeds == self serving

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:42:09
@alex: i hope violence is not necessary. though it is not clear what other tools are available for dealing with lawyers :)

Andreas Härpfer - 20-05-2021 16:43:59
I'm wondering what influence/impact publishing intentionally wrong data will have. I bet there are folks out there that would find this interesting.

Shane Kerr - 20-05-2021 16:45:21
Surely that is supposed to read "IPv4" and not "IPv6" when they're talking about being feature complete?

Wessel Sandkuijl - 20-05-2021 16:45:25
@Andreas: geo databases review the data and can (and will) choose not to process the suggested geo data

Harry Cross - 20-05-2021 16:46:00
I've always wanted to try to double check a lot of IP geolocation

Harry Cross - 20-05-2021 16:46:10
like run a traceroute and check what the upstreams rdns shows etc

Alex Le Heux - 20-05-2021 16:46:44
@randy :D

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:53:01
@ed: thank you

Daniel Karrenberg - 20-05-2021 16:55:20
Folks: The RIPE NCC is listening to what is being said here.

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:55:36
OMG! Spies everywhere!

Harry Cross - 20-05-2021 16:55:50
I find it very worrying to trust an European RIPE database fully to an American vendor

Hans Petter Holen - 20-05-2021 16:56:36
We are indeed listening. Suggestion and reasons for concerns are particularly welcome.

Shane Kerr - 20-05-2021 16:58:11
Denis maybe it's time to start a GoFundMe campaign for a new laptop? ;-)

Harry Cross - 20-05-2021 16:58:22
Audio still choppy even with no video :(

Kurt Kayser - 20-05-2021 16:58:24
And another feedback: I find 20+ Mails from RIPE NCC about RIPE82 in my current mailbox. This is getting a bit out of hand.. Please consider reducing the mail-load down. thanks.

Markus Zeilinger - 20-05-2021 16:58:42
@Hans, yesterday there was said, that there are no cloud providers in europe meeting the requirements. Which european cloud providers have been investigated?

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:58:49
bye dennis

Erik Bais - 20-05-2021 16:59:29
If you want to look at the RIPE DB history of objects .. -=>

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 16:59:29
or maybe it was my side which bounced. at&t :(

Markus Zeilinger - 20-05-2021 17:00:01
I don't thing we shoudl argue against AWS but more for a european solution!

Randy Bush - 20-05-2021 17:00:17
@markus: support

Daniel Karrenberg - 20-05-2021 17:00:46
I just provided input on history to the DB Requiremetns TF: Should I send this to the db-wg list too?

Hans Petter Holen - 20-05-2021 17:01:08
@markus I dont have the information in front of me on which EU providers the NCC has evaluated.

Daniel Karrenberg - 20-05-2021 17:01:23
@erik: ouch!

Job Snijders - 20-05-2021 17:01:37
thank you all!

Hans Petter Holen - 20-05-2021 17:01:55
@Markus notet, finding in-region providers is on my list.

Nathalie Trenaman - 20-05-2021 17:01:56
Thanks all, this session has now ended. See you later at the RIPE Dinner: